Monday, October 27, 2008

Dude, where's my water?

Man, we should have checked the flows:

Dropping into the White Salmon below Lower Zig-Zag involves a somewhat brutal carry for a raft.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Please Join American Whitewater

Please join American Whitewater today. This amazing organization continues to be the political force and voice for hundreds of whitewater enthusiasts everywhere...

Join today and join boaters, kayakers, and whitewater enthusiasts from all over the United States.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Three Greatest River Beers

One of the challenges of multi-day rafting trips is finding a good beer to float with. With space sometimes an issue, glass bottles can take up too much room. Cans are the obvious choice when it comes to beverages, however, your options of beer shrink considerably when you go that route.

Through careful experimentation, I have narrowed down the three best beers to take on the river with you - and they are all in cans! No more bad beer! No more King! From here forward, it is your own darn fault if you bring bad beer with you on the river.

First Place: Caldera IPA, brewed by Caldera Brewing

The IPA is not the only excellent micro brew these guys make. They have a killer Amber and last year made a special addition "Smoker Stout" in appreciation of Smoker Oars made my Sawyer in Talent, OR. Caldera Brewing is based in Ashland, OR. Dock sales every Tuesday. A lot of the bars in Ashland carry their Amber as well.

A Caldera IPA scouts Green Wall rapid on the Illinois River in Oregon:
Second Place: Dale's Pale Ale, brewed by Oskar Blues

This excellent Pale Ale comes from Lyons, Colorado. Quotes from their website:

"Why cans? We thought the idea of our bold, hoppy pale ale squeezed into a little can was hilarious."

"At Oskar Blues, we dig bodacious beer."

Third Place: Pabst Blue Ribbon

Duh. Who could argue with that? There's a reason it's called the Blue Ribbon... Oh, it says on the can: "Selected as America's best in 1893." And, besides, at least you'll be able to find this one.

Honorary Mention: Red Dog, brewed by Miller Brewing Company

At least you don't see it every day. In fact, its rarity creates an artificial "freshness" that fends off the bad taste. This one gets props because of three things: 1) It is in a can, 2) Cases are normally on sale (if they're not, start off a conversation with the cashier by going "Hey man, it's Red Dog for christ's sake..." and, 3) Dogs are cool and man's best friend, right?

That is way too much Red Dog. The inside of Dan Thurber's (Team Kettle Chips Member) car.
This was his packing for a 25-day Grand Canyon Trip. Notice the lack of... um, food?

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