Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New River Websites

In the last week there have been a few new river related websites to pop-up. Here they are:

Salmon River Trips - : Information about rafting trips on Idaho's Main Salmon river with Idaho River Journeys.

Rogue River Hiking - : Information about Rogue River hiking trips on Southern Oregon's Rogue River trail with Rogue River Journeys.

Rogue River Camping - : Information about camping along Southern Oregon's Rogue River.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

There's no water.

The last month and a half have been brutally dry here in Oregon, but how dry?

I went back and looked at data for the Illinois River to compare to this year and here's what I found. I counted the number of days the Illinois' mean flow was over 700 CFS between November 1st and December 17th for the past 20 years. This year, during that same time frame, the Illinois has hit the mark 10 times. There are two other years (in the past 20) that this has occurred; in 2008 and in 1991. But the absolute worst year was 2000, in which the Illinois only hit 700 a miserable 5 times.
Here's the data:

Days when average flow reached or exceeded 700 CFS at Kerby on the Illinois River between November 1st and December 17th:

2011: 10
2010: 37
2009: 14
2008: 10
2007: 17
2006: 34
2005: 31
2004: 11
2003: 15
2002: 12
2001: 29
2000: 5
1999: 32
1998: 32 (record 20-year for time frame on 11/21 was 20,400 CFS)
1997: 35
1996: 30
1995: 20
1994: 31
1993: 11
1992: 15
1991: 10

Back when there was water, January of 2011:

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kadoma to debut in Ashland, Oregon June 23rd

The much-anticipated film Kadoma will debut in Ashland on Thursday, June 23rd starting at 8:00PM at Ashland Greenhouses. Local filmmakers, Chris Korbulic, 24, of Rogue River, Ore., and Ben Stookesberry, 32, of Mount Shasta, Calif., share their terrifying and true story of unmatched adventure that resulted in the tragic death of their kayak guide. The Ashland premier of Kadoma will benefit the local filmmaker’s good friend and fellow kayaker, Matt Thomas, who was paralyzed while mountain biking in Southern Oregon almost 2 years ago.

Korbulic and Stookesberry appeared at Jackson County Library Foundation’s Southern Oregon Arts and Lecture Series this past April to tell their story and share pictures. They left with the promise to return with a feature film documenting their adventures. Kodoma’s world premiere took place at the Mountainfilm: The Festival in Telluride, Colo. over Memorial Day weekend. Nothing can replace personal experience and the stories that come from expeditions to remote, but still affected places,” says Korbulic.

Join us to support Matt in his journey to recovery and meet the filmmakers, Ben and Chris. We'll also have raffles and beer, plus one of the best views in Ashland!

What: Premiere of Kadoma to benefit the Matt Thomas Recovery Fund ($5 donation at door)
When: Thursday, June 23rd starting at 8:00pm (film will begin at sunset)
Ashland Greenhouses -
650 East Ashland Lane - Ashland, OR 97520
Info: or

**If you're unable to attend and would like to make a monetary donation or donate a raffle item, please contact for details.**

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Redwood Creek | January 8-9, 2011

Check out the full Redwood Creek trip report.

Although the gauge nearest our put-in suggested the flow to be 250 CFS, it seemed like a lot more than that. Perhaps there's a large tributary between the gauge and put-in, or maybe the gauge is broken. Either way, we were pleasantly surprised that we never had to drag the raft, which is what we thought we'd be doing the first few miles. In fact, the "creek" (this thing is a huge creek), chugged along at a fast pace. Despite the low gradient, the river always has current.

Since none of us had been on this river before, we relied heavily on information from We were able to track down Kathy and her brother to help with our two vehicle shuttle, which is certainly worth the amount of time you save by not having to do your own shuttle. From Orick to where we put-in was about an hour and fifteen minutes. We were nervous about what the put-in would be like but ran into no problems. Coyote Creek comes in on river-right about seven miles downstream of the put-in. We stopped there for an early lunch break at 11:00.

Read the full trip report here... Redwood Creek Trip Report.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Winning on and off the river - Go Giants!

In August when no one thought the Giants could pull it off, Tim, Brian, and Buster came up for a little R&R on the Rogue River. They were very tired from the long season and needed a break from the hustle and bustle of baseball to prepare for their postseason dreams.

Matt, Chuck, and Tim Lincecum at the bottom of Upper Black Bar.
Tim is giving the thumbs up - must have been a good run!

Even though he is so young, Buster Posey is very good on the oars:

Dan and Brian Wilson making the move at Blossom Bar. Brian is very intimidating to watch row a boat.

It was very nice watching our river friends win one of those World Series things. And, just like we taught them a few river tricks, I too took away a lesson from last nights game. From now on we will end every river trip with a shower of champagne!

Go Giants!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Trip Report: West Fork of the Illinois

For the full trip report with photos, click here.

Ever since we moved to Selma I've been wanting to get on some of the upper stretches and tributaries to the Illinois River. In January I got to run Josephine Creek, which was a lot of fun but not a whole lot of whitewater. There's gotta be something somewhere up in the drainage where there's great whitewater. Was the West Fork of the Illinois the gem I was looking for? No, but it was still fun exploring a new run.

Dana and I left our house around noon. We grabbed the little 10' Avon (Rosie the red raft) and drove to the bridge over the West Fork on Waldo Road. There we left Dana's car and continued with my truck to the put-in. We didn't really know where the put-in would be, but we knew which road to take. When we entered Obrien we took a right on Lone Mountain Road and continued up the road a few miles. Eventurally we found a place where the road was right next to the river so that's where we put in. We did drive up a little further but it seemed that the road was straying from the river.

Due to the extremely low flows during the summer there is quite a bit of brush that grows in the river bed. This was a constant battle for us. We had to get out of the boat and "portage" three times. More times than not we could pick out a line over the smaller bushes and the boat would just knock them over. Nevertheless, the river canyon was beautiful and the rapids, although only class II, were still kind of fun. At least there was current!

We arrived at the bridge take-out around 2:45. On river-left just upstream of the bridge there is a little steep trail to the road. We used that to carry our stuff up to our vehicles.

Would I do the West Fork again? Probably not. But I'm sure glad I don't have to wonder about it anymore!

For the full trip report with photos, click here.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Series: Easy River Recipes, #1

This is a new series called "Easy River Recipes". If you have one in mind please email it to so that we can post it on our blog. I'm not going to post quantities because, well, I have no idea how large your group is or how much you will eat. Here we go:

Taco Salad, Lunch

Taco Salad is one of the easiest lunches you can make. If you're tired of the same old deli sandwich spread, this may be the perfect mixer-upper for you.


1) Tortilla Chips
2) Black Beans
3) Ice Burg Lettuce
4) Chicken
5) Avocado
6) Tomato
7) Green Onion
8) Cheddar Cheese
9) Salsa

Dishes and Utensils:

1) 1 Large Spoon
2) 1 Large Bowl
3) 1 Can Opener
4) Forks
5) Bowls
6) A few knives to cut stuff up

What do do:

Everything is going into the bowl. Pre-cook the chicken and cut it up into bite-sized chunks. Cut up tomatoes, avocados, lettuce, and green onion and throw it in the big bowl. Open and drain the canned black beans and put them in the bowl. Crunch up the tortilla chips and - you guess it - put them in the bowl. Throw the grated cheddar cheese in the bowl. Sprinkle some salsa in and, presto, you've got yourself a taco salad.


Throw in some "taco seasoning" to make it feel extra special.
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