Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Series: Things that are pointless on river trips, #6

Being a vegetarian on a river trip is pretty much pointless. Rafting has changed the way people eat in the outdoors and it should be for the better. With our large coolers we can carry just about anything, which really just means copious amounts of bacon. Let's face it: when we float pigs die.

Many a vegetarian has changed his or her mind partway through a river trip. "Ok, I don't normally eat a 16 oz steak but just this once..." Or, my favorite, "I guess I should try some bacon."

Vegetarian Recipe of the Day:

1) Take a lot of bacon and cook it up. Remove from pan but leave the heat on and the bacon grease in the pan.
2) Place block of tofu in sizzling bacon grease.
3) Yum, this is good tofu.

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